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Going through hardships by yourself can be challenging. They can require significant effort, resilience and determination to overcome. Yet they can also be opportunities for learning, growth and fortitude.

During these times, it can be helpful to turn to a professional who can guide you through the myriad of emotions we can experience.

Counselling and Psychotherapy is available face to face, via telephone or online. To arrange a session please BOOK NOW.

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Oxford Circus, Central London

The goal of the psychotherapy Naelah offers is to help you navigate through difficulties and gain a better understanding of the situation and yourself. As a highly skilled psychotherapist she can help you develop new, healthier perspectives on your thoughts and challenge how these influence your behaviour and life. With professional guidance, the path to emotional well-being doesn’t have to be a difficult one.

Based in Oxford Circus in Central London, psychotherapy and counselling sessions can also be offered online and via telephone for clients unable to attend face to face sessions.

Short Term Counselling

If you need guidance for specific problems, short-term counselling can be a helpful solution. These regular sessions are focused on a few specific issues.

Long-Term Psychotherapy

Recurring issues often require a greater depth of psychological exploration. For these concerns, open-ended, long-term therapy is often the best approach.

Session Information

Regular weekly sessions are offered in person in Oxford Circus or online.

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Counselling and Psychotherapy is available face to face, via telephone or online. For more information please enquire on 07966 403059.

Alternatively, use our enquiry form to send an email. If you are ready to begin your therapeutic process, sessions can be directly booked.

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