The People-Pleasing Dilemma: Our Need to Please & Be Liked
What is people pleasing? People pleasers often go out of their way to accommodate the emotional needs of others in an effort to be liked, to ‘keep the peace’, not disappoint the other and fundamentally avoid conflict at all costs. At the core of people-pleasing lies a deep-seated fear of rejection and abandonment. There is […]
Burnout: Listening to The Wake Up Call & Taking Action
Burnout has become an all-too-common affliction in our fast-paced, stressful and demanding world.  It can affect anyone, from working people, professionals, students to stay-at-home parents and caregivers. This blog is an attempt to describe what burnout is and to help you to identify and recognise the signs and possible remedies. Burnout: What is it? Burnout […]
Anxiety: Finding Peace in a Chaotic World
From the occasional spell of nervousness to chronic feelings of fear and worry, anxiety has become an increasingly prevalent challenge for many individuals. Anxiety is a natural human response to stress and perceived threats. It is often characterized by feelings of apprehension, unease, and worry. While occasional anxiety can be normal, excessive or persistent anxiety […]
Relationship Therapy
Maintaining a healthy and harmonious relationship requires work and dedication from both parties. However, sometimes even the most loving relationships can experience difficulties, conflicts, and misunderstandings. This is where relationship therapy can help. Relationship counselling or therapy, also known as couples therapy or marriage counselling aims to improve communication, resolve conflicts, and strengthen relationships between […]

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