Naelah Khan

Psychotherapist in London

With over two decades of experience as a Counsellor, Integrative Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor in London, Naelah brings a wealth of experience and skills to each bespoke therapeutic relationship.

Having studied for a BSc Degree in Psychology at university, Naelah furthered her interest in human development with a Diploma in Counselling. A Masters Degree in Integrative Psychotherapy followed. Naelah's main therapeutic goal is to help every client realise their inner potential through an interactive, supportive and relational connection.

A Registered & Accredited member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), and UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP), Naelah also received a Certificate in Supervision from the Society of Analytic Psychology (SAP).

Therapeutic Experience

Naelah runs a private practice in Central London and works with Rape Crisis South London as a Group Facilitator, offering specialist therapy to trauma survivors. Over the span of her career, Naelah has worked in the NHS for many years, the private sector and numerous charities.

While most sessions will be conducted in English, she is also fluent in Urdu and Hindi and can understand Punjabi.

Naelah believes we all have the ability to be active participants in our own self-healing journey. Her aim is to empower her clients to create a roadmap for personal growth in a safe, supportive and cooperative environment.

Self-Improvement: Self-development and Self-fulfilment.

Confidence: Self-doubt, Self-assertion, and Self-motivation.

Depression: Loneliness, Suicidal Feelings and Loss of Meaning.

Relationships: Family Issues, Separation, Divorce, Romantic and Sexual Problems, Affairs.

 Sexuality and Sexual Orientation.

 Stress: Work-related Stress, Bullying, Panic Attacks, Anger, Anxiety and Traumatic Events.

 Abuse: Intimate Personal Violence & Partner Abuse, Childhood Abuse, and Sexual Trauma.

 Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Complex PTSD.

 Bereavement: Grief, Loss, and Mourning.

 Chronic Conditions: Living with Long-term Pain and Illness.

 Struggles with Identity, Culture and ‘Fitting in.

Philosophy of Psychotherapy and Counselling

My approach to therapy involves developing close, collaborative relationships with my clients. I focus on creating a safe, non-judgmental, confidential space that allows for deeper self-exploration. Over the course of many sessions, we work together to understand the underlying causes of your discomfort.

Often our behaviour, beliefs and insecurities develop early in life. They help us to adapt to experiences our younger selves cannot make sense of. Later life events can modify or confirm these, altering our worldview. Exploring the origin of these beliefs in therapy can be helpful. Through questioning their value in your current life, you can learn to change and overcome them.

What is Integrative Psychotherapy?

Rather than focusing on a single therapeutic method, Integrative Therapy combines different forms of psychotherapy. This enables me to create a bespoke approach tailored to each individual or couple's needs. Integrative therapy recognises that each person is unique and what works for you may not work for everyone. This is why I believe in developing an individualised therapeutic program.

The aim of my sessions are to help you function at your personal best in all areas of life; mental, physical, emotional, social, relational and psychological.

To make an enquiry or to book a session, call 07966 403059 or send an email to

Clinical Supervision Services

Whether you’re a qualified therapist or a trainee, I can offer integrative clinical supervision services.


I completed my clinical supervision training from the Society of Analytical Psychology (SAP) and have over two decades of experience in counselling and psychotherapy in numerous private and statutory organisations. My supervision training is psychoanalytic and my supervisory experience includes working with practitioners from mixed modalities.

Please enquire to discuss the possibility of clinical supervision.

Get in touch

Counselling and Psychotherapy is available face to face, via telephone or online. For more information please enquire on 07966 403059.

Alternatively, use our enquiry form to send an email. If you are ready to begin your therapeutic process, sessions can be directly booked.

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